Vera Sola- Shades

Photo Courtesy of Spectraphonic Records

Photo Courtesy of Spectraphonic Records

Olivia Heitz, Music Staffer

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Recommended: 2, 6, 8,9; RIYL: Zella Day, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

Vera Sola is here with her unique distinctly southern vibe, chilling vocals, and acoustic guitars in her first album Shades, through her label, SpectraphonicDrawing on folk, southern, and indie styles, she tells a story through her vocals. Her minimalistic approach to the music makes her silver voice all the more clear and delicate, while accentuating the haunting sounds that are present. There is a darkness in her voice and music that drags you in and keeps you listening; the haunting lyrics only increase the beauty of the music. As her first solo album after touring with groups around the world, she brings the heat with her unique and delicate voice, claiming the sound as entirely her own.

With powerful lyrics like, “if I were to crash/ down on your heart/would it be just to wound my own?” and, “I wrought myself a country/and I crowned myself its king”, she really leaves you wondering about her story and wanting more; it is the perfect way to get in your late-night feelings and stay there. She provides the perfect diving board into your own melancholy and heartbreak, giving the best soundtrack for deep romantic pondering and sorrow. She gives folk a southern flare and revamp we didn’t ask for, but one that, apparently, we direly needed.

Vera Sola’s first solo album is deep and mysterious, poems about love and loss brought to life in her sparse soundtrack. She has made this album entirely her own, between her writing and stories and her unique approach to sound through unconventional instruments and sounds. This is an amazing first story for her to put out on her own, and I am already looking forward to her next album.