Addictive Thoughts

Addictive Thoughts

Morgan Bluma

Y‰’all need to stop what you‰’re doing and read this thought-provoking journal for today‰’s column. I just discovered this song the other day and I cannot stop listening to it. This artist is not well known and so therefore there is not a lot written about him or the type of music he is creating. But that will not stop us from diving deep into this song.

A specific line from this song describes my life well right now at the moment. “Chaos in line with control, it‰’s unnerving‰” because at the moment I am trying to juggle too many projects at once and even though its chaotic it‰’s a controlled chaotic and it can be very unnerving. Sometimes we focus our attention on too many items at once and we get this overwhelming feeling that none of the effort we are putting into the work is an accurate representation of what we want. I know that when I turn in work that I could‰’ve spent more time on makes me less confident in that piece‰’s work.

Yet, at the same time, as this song implies, isn‰’t better to have all these chaotic thoughts than none at all. A busy mind focused on the many tasks at hand can be beneficial as it provides sometime for us to organize and control. When our minds wander to thoughts that we have no control over and cannot do anything in our power to fix, then we need something else to focus on that will provide us with that relief of controlling something in our lives. There is plenty of elements in our lives that have no answers or solutions to so we shouldn‰’t spend an enormous amount of time worrying about. This is an addictive thought progress everyone has. We all tend to return to these thoughts that we have no control over and just continue to worry. It can be a problem. Ironically, I listen to this song when I need to stop thinking about everything that needs to be done and the cool tones within this song help me to calm down my anxious nerves. Then once the song is over, I know can tackle the tasks at hand because I have organized what needs to be done unconsciously.

I always recommend taking a break from homework and papers because it can become overwhelming and then we revert back to those addictive thoughts that we have no control over and sometimes we over exaggerate in our minds. Take a walk or maybe do some breathing exercises. Slowing down your heart rate is one of the most beneficial things to do with under a lot of stress.

Alrighty, have a lovely day my little hippies and please enjoy your weekend!