Review: Boy Pablo’s Soy Pablo


Photo courtesy of INgrooves (U OK?)

Solenne Smith, Music Staffer

Norwegian indie pop star finds his path to fame with the release of “Everytime” in 2017. From there, his self-started career transcended simple Youtube stardom and currently, Boy Pablo holds over 1 million monthly listeners on Spotify. Recently, Boy Pablo released EP Soy Pablo. Featuring upbeat and energetic indie pop with melodramatic lyrics, Soy Pablo will leave you feeling the desire to dance away the pain of unrequited love and general angst. The EP starts off with the track “Feeling Lonely”, which has a very catchy guitar lick and simple lyrics that got me excited to hear the rest of the tracks. From the cheery melodies of the first track, “wtf” comes next in a shorter, more lyrically driven tune. “Sick Feeling” was released as a single before Soy Pablo but is also featured as the next track on this EP. With lyrics like: “What a sick, sick feeling To let you go, my dear ‘Cause I was not prepared to Let you go, let you go”, you’ll empathize with the pain of losing someone you never expected to leave. Following this melancholy song is “t-shirt”, which is a cutesy love song with once again, underlying themes that are much darker than what is at surface value. “Limitado” continues the theme of heartache covered up by jolly rhythms and eclectic beats. Finishing off the EP are “Losing You”, which was released as a single earlier in 2018 and garnered over 5 million listens on Spotify, and “tkm”. “Losing You” is  a banger that leads into “tkm”, a long and fairly slow ballad that perfectly wraps up Soy Pablo. As a whole, this is a solid album with many noteworthy tracks.

Recommended tracks: 1, 5, 6

RIYL: Clairo, Roy Blair, Mac DeMarco