Loops for Libra


Photo Credit: PNGriver

JJ Smith

The prime peak for autumn, September 23nd to October 22nd, may mean oversized sweaters and pumpkin spice lattes to most, but for others, it can mean one thing only- Libra season is in session.

Libras identify as Air Signs, making them rational, social, and communicative individuals. They often associate with aspects of intellect given that they are philosophical thinkers. They can be superficial sometimes but are often giving advice.

Libras are ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty and love. Their admiration of art, beauty, and culture is obvious and they typically exist in a harmonious environment. A Libra is charming but strong and tends to be a social butterfly. They tend to forget responsibilities, but their desire for justice and balance in life always gravitates them back to order. A playlist for Libras would throw together all of these aspects of their nature and leave them with some likable loops.

“Poems” – Hippo Campus

This unforgettable Hippo Campus track displays a deeper, vulnerable side that expresses the raw emotions of the band. What begins as a ballad evolves into an excelling outcry; Jake Luppen paints the picture with poetic lyrics of Mary, a former love of the speaker who evolves from a small-town childhood sweetheart to a self-obsessed Hollywood star who only hears unreasonable advice. The dreamy ballad reflects Libras’ desire to dream bigger and admiration of the finer things in life.

“Sappho” – Frankie Cosmos

In this track, lead singer and songwriter Greta Kline tells a story of longing, told from the perspective of someone gazing into a love interest’s window as they remain unbothered reading works of the late Greek poet. Libras, admirers of beauty, art, and culture, can appreciate this catchy tune with poetic lyrics that leave listeners looping the nearly 2-minute-long track.

“Seattle Party” – Chastity Belt

This relaxed, youthful song has lyrics that poke fun at a subject in the song for their tattoos and possibly poor life choices. The catchy rhythmic guitar hook quickly joined by a steady drumbeat that reels in the listener as the transpired events described in the lyrics unfold into a thought-provoking story about a simple party. “Are we having fun?” is a reiterated rhetoric throughout the song, something that can resonate with social and sometimes irresponsible Libras who may find themselves in a similar self-reflecting situation.

“Balance” – Future Islands

This song creates a yearning best experienced exuding from headphones- the mechanical drum, singer Sam Herring’s sophisticated lyrics and voice that shifts from deep and high. The overall laid-back electronic sound of this pop ballad makes this song simple to listen to. Its lyrics stress the importance of balance in life and acknowledging that things take time, something a Libra is certain to strive for in themselves and others.

“Pretty Girl” – Clairo

Boston bedroom singer Clairo sings about changing herself in order to appeal more to her partner and to gain the approval of the said partner. The up-tempo song offers a reflection on letting go of a past version of oneself in order to put on a disguise to suit others’ tastes. This exploration of newfound beauty would capture the attention of a Libra, whose ruling by Venus influences them to care for things pertaining to beauty or love.

“Sweet Creature” – Harry Styles

A refreshing acoustic ballad full of raw passion, this Harry Styles hit features a smooth guitar, vibrant vocals, and lyrics of former relationships that make you wonder who this “Sweet Creature” really is. The emotion associated with this is genuine, honest, and elegant- just like a Libra. Listening to this track is sure to ground a Libra and remind them of their genuine, sentimental side.

“La Vie En Rose” – Edith Piaf

This timeless Edith Piaf hit is a hymn to a love affair whose lyrics tell of seeing the world through rose-colored glasses, something that Libras are accustomed to. The dreamy melody is one that harmonious Libras can find comfort in.

“The Dreamer” – The Tallest Man on Earth

A song that explores clarity and vastness that surrounds people through poetic lyrics full of metaphors, “The Dreamer” is notably the only song by the band that features electric guitar so far. These abrupt strums combined with the elegant melody make for a plugged-in folk song exposing a vulnerability that dreamy, harmonious Libras can relate to.

“Venus” – Sleeping at Last

This Sleeping at Last song is an indirect love song full of space metaphors that can be applied to romance. Libras, ruled by Venus and consumed with notions of beauty and love, can certainly find solace in putting this peaceful ballad on repeat.

“Still Lovely” – Banes World

This track gives off a retro 80’s vibe that mirrors the style of singer Shane Blanchard himself. The bedroom pop 2-minute-long track ends much too soon and its lyrics describe a situation in which the singer is still attracted to his partner, despite changes in both of their lives. This track reminds Libras that harmony and balance can still exist after undergoing changes.

“Talk Too Much” – COIN

This COIN song captures a hint of summer with its staccato lines and laidback melody. Libras, always eager to give advice and socialize, can identify with the catchy track’s free-spirited nature with lyrics that are opinionated and honest as well as enjoy the feelgood warmth of the chorus.