Sagittarius Songs

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JJ Smith

The seasons are changing and as cold weather prepares to really kick in, the season for Sagittarius is also getting ready to make a grand entrance. Come November 22nd, this sign’s prime time will be in full effect, so it’s best we brace ourselves with a playlist perfect for this philosophical persona.

A member of the Fire Signs, a Sagittarius tends to be a passionate and dynamic individual. They possess a fiery temper but are quick to forgive. Fire Signs are typically inspirational, strong, creative, and adventurous.

A Sagittarius sign is philosophical, charming, and social but they also have the ability to be very straightforward, adventurous, and confident. They are truth seekers who tend to be rather blunt, impatient, argumentative, and hot-headed. However, they possess an admirable love of life and sense of adventure, which makes them very optimistic. They are known for aiming their sights wherever they wish and pursuing these goals to make it a reality. They are social and charming but tend to be independent individuals and are often difficult to tie down due to their sense of roaming and adventure. However, they are ultimately generous, loving companions ruled by Jupiter. A playlist for this sign would embody all of the qualities that make a Sagittarius so endearing and independent.

 Moody– maye

 This track, with its snappy hook, cluster of drum beats, and flowing keyboard, is perfect for an optimistic yet hotheaded Sagittarius. Written and recorded easily in 20 minutes by songwriter maye, its lyrics describe the somewhat moody, fiery nature of a Sagittarius and is a tune that this sign can certainly identify with.

 Patience– Tame Impala

 Considered to be Tame Impala’s most self-reflective single, this track is relaxing with a wistful sadness that promotes a message that change is gradual yet inevitable. The song remains fresh with a series of bass slides, crisp drums, and synthetics throughout. Typically impatient, a Sagittarius can relate to this song whose lyrics reflect on the passing of time and personal growth.

 Lust For Life– Girls

 Singer Christopher Owens fantasizes about outcomes that are rather unlikely but continues to make efforts to pursue these dreams in this upbeat, catchy tune. A Sagittarius can relate to these dreamy, aspirational lyrics featured in this track, given that they are very determined, optimistic individuals. Referred to as a practically perfect beach-bum anthem, this song is perfect for a Sagittarius to blast while chasing good times.

 Pleaser– Wallows

 This Wallows’ track, with its fast riffs and catchy chorus, embodies the charm and confidence that a Sagittarius possesses. Covering big topics such as depression, growing pains, and young love, a Sagittarius can relate to the upbeat instrumental yet reflective, insightful lyrics of this song.

Orpheus Under the Influence– The Buttertones

 With lyrics that revolve around the story of Orpheus from Greek mythology, who goes to extremes to reclaim his love but fails and is left miserable, this song is relatable for a Sagittarius, who is used to being a supportive, generous companion once tied down. The steady guitar strumming and catchy drum beats make this song super catchy and perfect for a Sagittarius to add to their playlist.

 Sagittarius– Phoebe Green

 This Phoebe Green track is perfect for a Sagittarius for obvious reasons. With its bittersweet lyrics and soothing, steady rhythm and instrumentals make this song satisfying for a Sagittarius to listen to in order to remind themselves of their strengths as a sign.

 You Seemed so Happy– The Japanese House

 Melodic verses and upbeat choruses in this track seem to overpower the themes of depression and internal struggle. Singer Amber Bain admitted that this song was a metaphor of sorts and its insightful yet depressing lyrics paired with the upbeat melody tricked international fans into believing that this was a happy, feel-good song. An optimistic Sagittarius can relate to this feeling of keeping a positive external attitude and can appreciate the catchiness of this song.

 Jupiter– Flower Face

 A Sagittarius can certainly appreciate this ode to the planet they are ruled by. This song, with its soft, steady guitar strumming and rhythmic drumming, has an acoustic feel that embodies bittersweet nostalgia. A loving, generous, and inspirational Sagittarius is sure to enjoy this sweet song.

 All Alone– Acid Ghost

 A Sagittarius, known for being bold, confident, and independent, can identify with the easygoing feel of this simple Acid Ghost track that embodies the feeling of being alone yet not quite feeling lonely. A relaxing, genuine song about missing beachy shenanigans under the pier, this track embodies independence as well as nostalgia.

 Buttercup– Hippo Campus

 The finale track of Hippo Campus’ Landmark album, this track has a fun vibe with lyrics that revolve around the story of a young girl declaring her independence and accepting her ability to survive on her own. A strong, independent Sagittarius is sure to identify with this track and its fresh, pop feel is sure to put a smile on a face when this song comes on shuffle.

 The Archer– Alexandra Savior

 This song is rather intimate with its steady percussion, hushed piano instrumental, and haunting lyrics that seem to embody heartache. Savior’s voice is a perfect combination of silkiness and smoothness as she croons her lyrics reminiscent of a Cupid sparked romance gone wrong. The Archer is the symbol of a Sagittarius, so this sign is sure to find relatability in this sentimental song.