Not Enough Recognition: "Hey, We Tried"

Rob Orlowski March 4, 2012

Did you ever have one of those days where you have been working on something for multiple days and when it finally comes down to completing it, everything goes completely wrong? Sadly, that realization...

Video: Capital Punishment 2012

General Manager March 2, 2012

Whether you missed Capital Punishment last month or just want to relive the fun, check out Staff Writer Marissa Cetin’s video retrospective of our first Cap Pun of the semester, featuring the Neologians,...

WVAU Open Mic: Mic Harder – Friday, March 2

General Manager March 1, 2012

WVAU’s second Open Mic of the semester is this Friday, March 2 in Battelle Atrium. The last one was a smashing success, so come and play guitar, sing, freestyle, do standup, read fan fic, improvise...

A Young Gypsy: Billie Holiday

Michelle Merica February 28, 2012

I am writing in honor of President‰'s Day. Even though it was a few days ago I decided to actually observe the holiday (pay no attention that I decided to think about what President‰'s day actually...

World Geogroovy: FOKN Bois

Sean Meehan February 27, 2012

It‰'s hard to find someone that Ghananian rap duo FOKN Bois don‰'t offend on their first official album and legitimate early bid for best rap album of 2012 “FOKN Wit Ewe.‰” But it‰'s even harder...

Beats on Repeat: "Hot Fuss"

Marissa Cetin February 26, 2012

Thumbing though used CD bins at Smash Records in Adams Morgan last week, I happened upon “Hot Fuss‰” for only $3. $3! Since then I‰'ve been on a Killers kick. “Hot Fuss‰” is one of those...

WVAQ&A: Of Montreal

Richard Murphy February 20, 2012

Indie rock experimenters and Elephant 6 veterans Of Montreal are back again with a new record Paralytic Stalks that is just as funky, self-deprivational, and plain interesting as anything they’ve...

Concert of the Week: Javelin @ Red Palace

General Manager February 19, 2012

WVAU Capital Punishment 2010 veterans Javelin return to town on Saturday, February 25 to play the postcard-sized Red Palace. If you were lucky enough to attend their disgustingly danceable show in Kay...

Show Spotlight: Chido Cheverisimo with Luisa Armijo

General Manager February 19, 2012

For WVAU.org’s newest feature, we quizzed DJs about their shows, their most embarrassing on-air moments, their favorite 8th grade tunes, and everything in between. First up is Luisa Armijo, the host...

Beats on Repeat: An Open Letter to Justin Timberlake

Marissa Cetin February 16, 2012

Haaaaaaaay Justin, Too much, I know. Allow me to try again, Dearest Mr. Timberlake, We can all agree that 2011 was a pretty great year for you. You were still riding the hype-waves from “The Social...

Electric Factory Presents: Chris Nitti

General Manager February 16, 2012

Join Electric Factory with Louise Brask today from 6pm-8pm for an exclusive DJ set with Chris Nitti (Lost & Sound, D.C.) Nitti is a rising local DJ who is slated to open for Ewan Pearson 2/22 at U...

Spin of the Week: Poli̤a

Jesse Paller February 15, 2012

Poli̤a- Give You The Ghost I‰'d call it post-rock, but somebody sings. I‰'d call it R&B, but it‰'s got too much drumming. I‰'d say it‰'s Bon Iver, but the singer is a girl. And yeah, she sounds...

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