Interview with Lord Huron

Kevin Kunitake

November 8, 2010

I first heard Lord Huron after reviewing his music for our station and last week I got the chance to catch up with the LA-based, Michigan-born musician about a week before he headed out to New York for CMJ. Lord Huron has been making a steady amount of buzz around the indie circuit, pretty good for ...

CMJ Report: Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.

Louise Brask

November 6, 2010

To be honest when I first heard the band’s name, the nascar-allure gave me no interest in ever listening. I’ve definitely heard too many American indie rock bands that sound too much the same, and i wasn’t into spending my night in NYC living that same story over again. Rather giving th...

CMJ Report: Screaming Females

Emily Lagg

November 5, 2010

Of course Screaming Females were my favorite act I saw at CMJ! The stalwart indie (four albums and not so much as a Pitchfork review) rockers played at Williamsburg Music Hall, to an appropriately packed and bouncy audience. Front woman Maria Paternoster (I hope that‰'s her real name— rudimen...

CMJ Report: Braids

Dan Raby

November 4, 2010

Braids, a quartet from Montreal, are experts at the slow build up. At the small show at Arlene‰'s Grocery I stood entranced, a cup of poutine, in my hand, as they began to draw out their sounds. At first you could only hear the quiet bubbles and murmurs of a melody, then a bright guitar would be introduced...

CMJ Report: Galaxie 500

Brian Waligorski

November 3, 2010

Dean Wareham plays the music of Galaxie 500 (Bowery Ballroom 10/22/2010) Galaxie 500‰'s career arc reads like a college rock mad lib: three Harvard students get together, record three albums beloved by critics and overlooked by everyone else, and break up within the span of five years, only to have...

CMJ Report: Dom

Dan Raby

November 2, 2010

Combine the Ramones‰' snot-nosed punk brattiness with MGMT‰'s vocal stylings and you get Dom. The quartet from Worchester, Massachusetts (this fact was constantly mentioned between songs), led by the charismatic Dom [no last name because he doesn‰'t want his creditors to know where he is] bras...

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