Spring Deep Cuts


By: Sam!

Sam Kuramoto

Spring is a time of in-between and exploration. The seasons are changing and so should our playlists. In preparation for the last push into warmer weather and summertime, here are a few newly released tracks to add to your rotation.


“Meet Me There” by Lucki

This newest single from Chicago’s underground king Lucki is a spacey and fast-paced track that truly showcases the consistency of his flow. Covering themes of introspection, subtle flexing and the cons of fame, Lucki teams up with frequent collaborator and producer BrentRambo in a way that seems to be dictating the rapper’s next moves as far as style. Lucki has been incredibly dynamic over the last few years beginning with conscious and articulate raps that have evolved into the self aware and lazy demeanor that he’s been using more recently. Lucki is currently on tour with Kankan and is coming to The Fillmore on April 20th. “Meet Me There” is sure to put some rhythm to your step this season.


“The Flag is Raised” by Bladee and Ecco2k

Bladee and Ecco2k continue to push boundaries on “The Flag is Raised,” the first track on their most recent collaborative album Crest. These two prominent Drain Gang members have been at the forefront of experimental sound for years now and are showing no signs of slowing down. This track is absolutely delightful and features very playful production from Whitearmor. Bladee’s vocals are lighthearted and airy as he sings about dreamy themes and fantastical landscapes. Ecco floats angelically around this track with a high pitched chorus and underlying vocals. If there was a time to get into Drain Gang, it would be now. They’re currently on tour and steadily releasing incredibly dynamic music simultaneously. This duo will absolutely add some color and pep to your rotation.


“Whole Ride” by Nova ft. Hiko Momoji & Nosgov

Probably my personal favorite of this list, this track is unlike anything you’ve heard before. Nova is a well seasoned producer with solo music of his own, and has done production for major artists such as 6lack, Smokepurpp and Freddie Gibbs. Along with Nova, Hiko Momoji is a hyperpop producer from France and Nosgov is a fellow hyperpop artist and producer from Poland. While I wouldn’t say that this track falls into the hyperpop category per se, it has some incredibly bright and sophisticated elements that defy genre boundaries. Full of shiny vocals from each collaborator, they ride on top of fast paced drum n’ bass style percussion and lush synths. Not only will this bring some excitement to your playlists, this song is an example of collaborative diversity as each artist is from a different part of the world.


“Pool” by Still Woozy ft. Remi Wolf

This newest single by indie giant Still Woozy and alt pop vocalist Remi Wolf is a warm and forlorn love song about in-between feelings. Still riding the wave of his smash hit debut album If This Isn’t Nice, I Don’t Know What Is, Still Woozy serves his usual dreamy sound. Remi’s laid back vocals make this a perfect song to kick back to and dream about summer. I’ve really been enjoying this one on my daily commutes as it helps me slow down and enjoy the little hints of summertime.