Best Stomp and Holler Artists to Listen to this Fall


Stomp and Holler is the type of music that is hard to describe in terms of category. This is why I believe it is best to describe it in terms of the vibes that go along with it, rather than the music itself. Stomp and Holler music is exactly what the name suggests: music that makes you want to get up and stomp and holler.

These artists are perfect if you are just getting into this type of music or if you have been listening for years. They all have an upbeat melody to them-but not that of radio station pop songs. Their lyrics talk about adventure and humanemotions. All of them have just enough folk music elements injected into them that it gives you the element of hearing someone sing around a campfire with their guitar.

Everyone knows the poster children of Stomp and Holler being the Lumineersas well as Mumford and Sons. This is why I want to dive deeper into this genre to show off some hidden gems perfect for this fall.

#1 Mt. Joy

Mt. Joy recently released their album Orange Blood which perfectly encapsulates the idea of adventure and excitement that Stomp and Holler music is about. The songs from this album are the ones that make you want to get up and live your life to the fullest.

Must listen to songs:

1- Evergreen
2- Johnson Song
3- Strangers

#2 Noah Kahan

Noah Kahan is a perfect artist for this genre. With his new album Stick Season coming out soon he is able to capture what fall music should mean. His songs talk about what it means to be human and about the adventures life has waiting for you.

Must listen to songs:

1- Northern Attitude
2- False Attitude
3- Mess

#3 Rainbow Kitten Surprise

Their playful and unusual name is just the tip of the wonder that this band has to offer the world. A common theme across all their albums is the excitement about what it means to be human. They are the perfect band for when you want a combination of heartfelt lyrics and a beautiful melody.

Must listen to songs:

1- Cocaine Jesus
2- Hide
3- Fail!

So why does Stomp and Holler music fit so perfectly with fall time?

I think that the reason why this type of music matches up so well with this time of the year is that people need it. When it starts to get colder outside and more days are gloomy, people need music to be motivated in life. Stomp and Holler is a combination of folk, and indie that results in music that makes people happy. Music that has people dancing around campfires and hollering like there is no tomorrow.

So I hope you enjoy these recommendations for the next time you go to a pumpkin patch, drink apple cider in a flannel, or do any other fall activities.