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The Cat’s Miaow: The perfect band to help tap into that autumnal nostalgia

A photo of The Cats Miaow. The bands sound perfectly encapsulates the feeling of fall. Photo credits:
A photo of The Cat’s Miaow. The band’s sound perfectly encapsulates the feeling of fall. Photo credits:

As soon as I begin to feel that crisp, cool breeze of fall, I instantly find myself becoming more nostalgic. From memories of crunching leaves under my shoes on the playground to excitedly anticipating showing all of my friends my Halloween costume that I had spent weeks perfecting, I begin to remember all of these little things that I only seem to remember when fall rolls around. To me, fall is a season where I can just take a step back and enjoy the current moment so one crisp, fall day years later, I can look back at who I am today and yet again experience that warm, almost healing nostalgia. 

To match this nostalgic state of mind, I tend to gravitate towards music that emanates similar feelings. Of course I have my staples, such as The Moldy Peaches / Kimya Dawson, Alex G’s earlier work such as “Rules” or “DSU,” Strawberry Guy and Michael Cera (Yes, I mean that Michael Cera), but recently I have discovered a new band that perfectly encapsulates those nostalgic vibes that I am currently craving. 

Album art for The Cat’s Miaow’s track “Autumn.” Photo credits:

The best way I can think of describing The Cat’s Miaow is Mazzy Star if they were a little less grounded and their guitarist were slightly better (I would like to clarify that this is not a slight to Mazzy Star … but their guitarist seriously needs to learn a few more chords. Sorry.). Consisting of Kerrie Bolton on vocals, Bart Cummings on guitar, Andrew Withycombe on bass and Cameron Smith on drums, this ‘90s Melbourne-based band’s discography offers a plethora of short but sweet songs that channel the bittersweet wistfulness that comes with the falling of leaves from trees. The use of soft electric guitar, synth chords and Bolton’s entrancing soprano vocals create this dreamlike sound that will make you feel as if you have been cast under a spell all season long. 

One of my favorite songs of theirs just so happens to be one of their most popular ones, “Not Like I Was Doing Anything,” which is simply about catching up with someone you haven’t seen in a while. The simplicity of the lyrics (or any of their lyrics, really) such as “And no, I don’t mind / It’s not like I was doing anything / And you know I don’t mind / It’s not like I was doing anything” provide an almost refreshing sense of nostalgia. The lack of conflict or worries that are ultimately low-stakes in The Cat’s Miaow’s music reminds me of a time before everything in my life suddenly became so serious, allowing me to escape to this alternate reality every time I listen to even a single song from their discography.

All in all, I definitely recommend adding a song or two from The Cat’s Miaow to your autumn playlist. Maybe add them to a playlist called “Autumn Nostalgia” or “Falling Leaves” or “Please God Midterms are Killing Me.” Whatever works. 

Make sure to check out their music on Spotify, Apple Music, or wherever else you stream music and I’ll see you all in the next one where I continue to force myself to talk about other bands that are not Car Seat Headrest. 


Bonus: Some of my favorite tracks by The Cat’s Miaow: 

– Not Like I Was Doing Anything 

– Note On The Table 

– What Time Is It There 

– Smitten 

– Barney & Me

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