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Rebbeca’s Rewind Vol. 1: October Overtures
Lana Del Rey in the music video for her debut single, “Video Games.” Photo credits:

Greetings and a warm welcome to the debut edition of “Rebbeca’s Rewind!” I’m absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity to indulge in some music and share my thoughts with you. This week we are focusing on some of the solemn and eerie tracks released in the first two weeks of October, with a selection of songs as old as ‘Blue Light’ by Mazzy Star, released in 1993, to ‘Being Funny in a Foreign Language’ by the 1975, released just last year in 2022. 


TRACK ONE: “Blue Light” – Mazzy Star 

Released in October of 1993 on their iconic album “So Tonight That I Might See,” this mesmerizing track uses soul-stirring lyrics mixed with dreamy instrumentals and lead singer Hope Sandoval’s mysterious vocals to create an out-of-this-world listening experience. Despite its somber sound, I interpret the lyrics as a sense of hope for the future, as Sandoval sings about this mysterious blue light, all I can think of is her seeing a beacon of light, inspiring her to not give up. Like many of their tracks though, the meaning is very much open to the interpretation of the listener, in the midst of its haunting beauty, “Blue Light” possesses a unique ability to touch the listener’s soul. The quality of the music, coupled with Sandoval’s hauntingly emotive delivery, creates an almost otherworldly atmosphere, allowing its message to be relatable to a variety of listeners, even 30 years after its initial release. 


TRACK TWO: “Idioteque” – Radiohead 

Idioteque, the anxiety-ridden masterpiece from Radiohead’s critically acclaimed fourth album “Kid A,” released in October of 2002, is the biggest departure from Radiohead’s typical guitar-based sound released at the time. “Idioteque” is an IDM song built off of a loop from a drum machine and sampled chords. Thom Yorke’s repetitive lyrics convey a cold, apocalyptic fear of global warming and disaster. “Idioteque” is a simple song in its construction, but so nuanced in the emotions and feelings it is able to convey. Radiohead’s willingness to experiment allowed them to create such a frantic and unique song. 


TRACK THREE: “Video Games” – Lana Del Rey 

Serving as Lana Del Rey’s official debut single, “Video Games,” which was released in 2011, set her on the path to becoming one of the most influential artists of our generation. The ballad not only introduced Lana’s distinctive music style, which she has often referred to as “Hollywood Sadcore,” but also proved her skills as a songwriter. As she constantly toys the line between real life and fantasy throughout the verses, it becomes increasingly clear just how much of a lyrical genius she really is. Her ability to have melancholic lyrics about a relationship while also tying in religious allegories makes her songs almost like poetry. Overall, “Video Games” not only acted as Lana’s debut single, but also as an introduction to a new era for pop music as a whole. With its dreamy, melancholic sound and thought-provoking lyrics, the song showcased Lana’s ability to weave storytelling and emotion into her music. It’s no surprise that this track marked the beginning of her remarkable journey in the music industry.


TRACK FOUR: “When We Are Together” – the 1975 

Released just last year in October of 2022, “When We Are Together” breaks down the story of not one relationship, but an ongoing trend lead singer Matty Healy sees in all his relationships. The folk-like feel and random details in his lyrics make the listener feel as if they are reminiscing on a relationship they went through themselves. Starting with recounts of monumental moments and an upbeat instrumental, and later switching to a slower, melancholic beat as he recognizes the flaws that made his relationships fall apart, in the chorus, Healy sings “You ask about the cows, wearing my sweater.” He mentions things someone would never remember about a normal person, but only about someone you cared for deeply. Healy’s lyrical depth truly shines as he dives into the intricate nuances of his past relationships. His ability to capture those small, intimate details that resonate with anyone who’s loved deeply adds an authentic and relatable touch to the song’s narrative. 


Thank you for joining me on this musical time jump! Stay tuned for more editions of “Rebbeca’s Rewind” as I continue to explore the vast landscape of music (through the ages)!

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    I love this article so much! You are super talented with writing!!!! You have an amazing way with words.

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    this is so good! <3

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