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Rebbeca’s Rewind: Music Through the Ages (VOL #2/3 Seasonal Soundscapes: October’s Over & November’s New)

Rebbecas Rewind: Music Through the Ages (VOL #2/3 Seasonal Soundscapes: Octobers Over & Novembers New)

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: Please don’t comment on this week’s title; times are tough, and a girl can only do so much. 

Welcome back to a new (and very late) edition of Rebbeca’s Rewind! To make up for the midterm-stress-induced lack of a second column, this week, I’ll be reviewing a mix of songs from late October and early November. As we transition from the vibrant hues of autumn to the cozy, wintry vibes, it’s the perfect time to explore some tunes that capture the essence of this unique season and the transition into winter weather! 

TRACK ONE: “When The Party’s Over – Billie Eilish

Starting with a personal favorite, this track, officially released on October 16th, 2018, perfectly encapsulates Eilish’s raw and unique sound, especially in her earlier days. Though the lyrics can be perceived as simple at first, upon listening to the deeper meaning, your heart begins to break, and soon, you forget that it is a 16-year-old who is doing it to you. The switch between layered and isolated vocals comes at all the perfect times, providing listeners with vulnerable listening experiences that draw them into the song’s emotional core. As the song’s slow start turns into more powerful vocals, she continues to maintain the emotion in her voice, which I think is hard to achieve for many current mainstream artists. “When the Party’s Over” stands as a testament to the timeless and soul-stirring quality of Eilish’s music, and in my opinion, it still stands as one of the best songs in her discography to date. 

TRACK TWO: “Some” – Steve Lacy 

Though it is only the second single Lacy ever officially dropped, “Some” perfectly encapsulates the vibe of his music that his fans have grown to love. The track, released on October 31st, 2016, helped solidify Lacy’s sound, with simple, catchy lyrics and an upbeat sound that immediately draws you in, setting the stage for a promising and distinctive musical journey. His music style alludes to his down-to-earth and playful spirit that can be conveyed through his music, even when the topics he sings about aren’t exactly that. As he continued developing his sound and style, “Some” remained a testament to his early talents and set the stage for the musical adventures ahead. 

TRACK THREE: “Loveless” – My Bloody Valentine 

“Only Shallow” by My Bloody Valentine is a transcendent sonic journey that has left an indelible mark on the world of alternative rock and shoegaze. This track, released on November 4th, 1991, on their sophomore album ‘Loveless,’ encapsulates the essence of the entire record. From the moment the song begins, it grabs your attention with its swirling, distorted guitars, setting the tone for what is to come. Though the intro and parts of the bride provide a more classic rock and almost hectic feel, the soon-to-come dreamy lyrics quickly settle listeners in for their melodic experience. Producer Kevin Sheilds’ unique production styles shine through his extensive use of effects pedals, creating a unique and immersive sonic experience. The song’s shifting dynamics, from the swirling guitars to moments of sonic clarity, make it an emotional rollercoaster that continually surprises and engrosses the listener. The track serves as a perfect opener for Loveless and a perfect segway into their music. 

TRACK FOUR: “The Only Heartbreaker” – Mitski. 

While it, in my opinion, is the weakest album in Mitski’s discography, the track is an upbeat change to the Mitski that usually comes on during my darkest hours. On this track, released November 9th of 2021, Mitski’s vocals remain strong as she discovers a new side of her artistry and shows her duality by mastering a completely new and unexpected style. Though this album was a detour from her usual work, one thing stays true: Mitski’s ability to absolutely break the hearts of listeners with gut-wrenching lyrics that will have you up every night thinking about everything you’ve ever done. Even with this new upbeat sound, her songs still get to you once you sit down and really listen to the words. Her lyrics carry intense guilt and heavy emotions, while the opposing instrumental is almost uplifting and, in a sense, futuristic or electronic. The album may differ from her previous work, but it underscores Mitski’s versatility as an artist, demonstrating her willingness to explore new sonic territories while never losing her knack for delivering emotionally charged storytelling that resonates deeply with her audience. 

TRACK FIVE: “I Know” – Fiona Apple 

Released November 9th, 1999, on her iconic album “When the Pawn…”, this track conveys the devastating story of being willing to be painfully patient for the perfect relationship to start, even when you can see it hurt you over and over again. Apple delves into the complexities of a secret relationship, employing profound lyrics and a slow, deliberate musical arrangement to capture the essence of how patience can not only endure but also intensify with the passage of time. As the song continues, you can almost feel the weight of the relationship. From the slow instrumentals to Apple’s distinctive and deliberate vocal delivery, all the painfully right emotions are perfectly displayed and convey her powerful narrative. Overall, the track is proof of the lasting impact Apple and her music had on the music industry and the craft of music as a whole. Apple and her production team know all the perfect moments to call back to instrumentals and production styles that her fans know, leaving listeners satisfied at the end of each of her songs but somehow also longing for more. 

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